I am a photographer living in Cleveland, Ohio. I moved here from Columbus, Ohio in late 2011.

I am an Ohio native and spent the first several years of my life in the eastern part of the state, although I did not grow up there. The landscape was inspiring. Rolling hills, pastures, a large diversity of plants, and many abandoned buildings. My experiences early in life influenced my later interests and photography. Also, my parents followed me around with an SLR, and I grew up seeing their great photos. As much as possible, I try to visit that region of the state or other rural parts of Ohio.

In general, I photograph anything that interests me, but that often tends to be landscapes and abandoned things, both rural and urban. I created this website to showcase my newer work. Most of the images so far are from Ohio, but I will include photos from my travels.

Wanted – Things to Photograph
If you or someone you know has an interesting farm, barn, or unusual “junk art” in their yard, or something else simply worth photographing, please let me know. For buildings, the older, the more overgrown and the more abandoned the better. The same goes for anything urban. Old or abandoned industrial sites and buildings are of particular interest, as well as buildings that are about to be demolished. I prefer sites within Ohio since they would be within a day’s drive. Even better would be something within 60 miles of Cleveland.

For your time and allowing me access to the site, I can give you a free 8×10” print of your favorite image and a reasonable number of at-cost prints of other images from the set. I understand the concerns of property and business owners and can keep the location confidential.

Main Camera
Most of the photos on this site were taken with a Nikon D-90. However, I would not recommend buying this camera. It regularly overexposes highlights, which is disappointing for a camera in its class. I often have to bracket to compensate for this.

28-105 mm AF Nikkor D – Also used for any of the macro shots.
10-20 mm Sigma EX – Anything wide angle.
70-300 mm AF Nikkor D – Gets the job done, but a cheap lens with some issues.

Other cameras
Some photos are from miscellaneous Canon PowerShots that I have owned or borrowed. All of the PowerShots I have used have a great track record.

I rarely edit images beyond a levels and curves adjustment or altering the white balance if necessary. If it is Photoshopped, it will be obvious. Normally I try and accomplish everything through traditional camera and optical techniques, which can sometimes be experimental.

If you want to contact me, send an e-mail to contact [a] speece-moyer.com.

Just replace the [a] with an @.